An agriculture-based environmental social enterprise, based in Langwith, on the Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire border, providing a service to the unemployed, recovering drug and alcohol misusers, ex-offenders, young people not in education, employment or training (NEET), excluded school students, people with learning disabilities, people with mental and physical ill health, ex service personnel, and people with dementia. We use the therapeutic organic horticulture model for developing skills, confidence and employability, and for improving health and well-being.

* We grow organic fruit and vegetables and keep poultry for eggs

* Production of weekly veg bags for local customers

* Health promotion through green gym activities

* Exciting environmental and Vegetable Growing sessions for
school/educational visits

* Corporate Challenge Days for businesses, local and central government and voluntary organisations' staff teams


Rhubarb Farm is open Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm.  We can arrange corporate volunteering days or special events at weekends. Contact the office to discuss on
01623 741210



Rhubarb Farm has a vacancy for a Buddy Co-ordinator. 
Full details here.


At the Chad Business Awards ceremony on Thursday 26th November, Rhubarb Farm won the Disability Inclusion award.

Anita and Jennie attended the ceremony, and met lots of interesting people. Thank you to St Andrews Healthcare for sponsoring the Category we won. And thank you to The Chad for organising these awards and letting organisations like ours tell people about the good work we do for our communities.


Rhubarb Farm ex-con addresses Derbyshire Police Awards winners, as guest of honour to Chief Constable!

Luke Kelly, who is employed as Site Supervisor and ex-offender mentor at the Farm spoke at the Derbyshire Police Celebrating Achievements Awards Ceremony on 13th October.  Addressing an audience of about 150 people, Luke told them of his journey through heroin addiction, burglary and prison to where he is now, mentoring ex-offenders and supporting people to improve their lives.  His talk was a heartening story for many of the police at the ceremony, who don't often hear these good stories.  Many came up to congratulate Luke afterwards for being so open, and having the courage to address a hall full of policemen and women!  Jennie Street, Rhubarb Farm MD, also spoke to the hall about Rhubarb Farm's work, and then both were presented with a beautiful basket of flowers.

The next day a police officer emailed to say:

"I was unfortunately unable to come and meet you both after your speech at the Derbyshire Police awards last night but I just wanted to send this quick email to say what a valuable and worthwhile cause you have created. It was inspiring to hear that you are giving people that have made a few bad choices in life the ability to right their wrongs. If only there were more businesses prepared to do the same! Not only does it provide a valuable experience within the work place it also gives a sense of belonging. I think it's fantastic, I really do!

I would also like to congratulate Luke. To have the strength and character to attend, then to speak in front of all those people was truly the moment of the evening for me.  It's not something I would have enjoyed to do. Having spoken to a few friends after it was the standout point of the evening for them also. I was genuinely pleased to hear Luke's story and I wish him all the best for the future. He's a credit to himself, his family and Rhubarb Farm.

I wish you all the best of luck in the future and hope that the business goes from strength to strength. It certainly deserves to! "


Why not help Rhubarb Farm save 66,000 litres of water per year?

You can make a donation that counts.

We are very much in need of a water tank and pump in order to harvest water from the polytunnels. This will make a big difference to our mains water use and therefore save us money in the long run, as well as lessening our environmental impact, because 66,000 litres of water comes off the two polytunnels in a year!!!

We have been allocated 40% of the cost of the tank and pump through Nottingham University's Environmental Technology Centre. However, we need to raise another £3,043 in order to pay for the tank and pump.

Can you help us raise this? Make a donation.


Now we have around 100 hens, fresh eggs are available in plenty from our CHICKEN RUN Project! 

Eggs can be collected in person from site, or delivered on one of two delivery days per week.

£1.20 per half dozen, £2.30 per dozen.   25p delivery if you live in Langwith, Nether Langwith, Upper Langwith or Langwith Junction, as one of our volunteers will be delivering the eggs by bicycle.

We need lots of egg boxes, so please recycle your eggboxes for Rhubarb Farm, and come and see our free range happy hens.




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