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Rhubarb Farm welcomes donations because we generally operate on a shoestring with little spare money, but want to support as many people as we can.


We always welcome donations of tools, mechanical equipment, wood, wood chippings, eggboxes, punnets and wheelbarrows. However, we have plenty of plastic pots and modules and do not need more of these (You can recycle them in plastic recycling).    We are also grateful for donations (except books) for our Pre-Loved Rhubarb second hand store.   


Recent donors to Rhubarb Farm:

Efficiency East Midlands

On 15th February 2019 at the Building Communities Awards run by Efficiency East Midlands (EEM) of Alfreton, which Angela, Rhubarb Farm's Business Development Manager, and Jennie, MD, attended, we were expecting to receive a cheque for about £10k from monies raised by EEM members. Instead, to our total amazement, Rhubarb Farm was given a brand new 17-seater minibus worth £26,700 !!!   More than we hoped for in our wildest dreams for the Farm! 

PLUS a personalised registration plate R400 BRB and branding along the sides!!

​On the night, a video was played of a radio 'broadcast' announcing the donation of the minibus after we had already been presented with the £12000 cheque, which we had thought was what they were going to give us.

​We just don't know how to thank EEM and all 25 companies, local authorities and housing associations (their members) whom they procure materials for. Incredible. It restores our faith in human nature. 

​We want to express a special thanks to Pete Smith, CEO of EEM, who runs an amazing business not only recognising the good work of the businesses they procure for, but donating its profits for community benefit and raising more money from its members to add to this. A brilliant model of corporate social responsibility.


NT Killingley of Chesterfield  landscaping materials, gardening equipment

Roger Wright of Scarcliffe Barns Farm – wood chippings for our pathing




Talbot House, Worksop College – funds raised by students

Bowring Transport Ltd of Warsop – road planings for our paths

Janina Fowles-Smith – materials and kitchen equipment


Roger Wright delivering a donation of wood chippings


A donation of concrete curbs from NT Killingley

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