The Shed Quarters

Since early 2017 Rhubarb Farm has been running a carpentry and woodworking project now called the Rhubarb Wood Shed.  Some days a week it is used by our young people to come in and learn basic carpentry skills.  On Mondays it operates as a Men in Sheds project, and on Thursdays, the Marigold Club operates.

Men in Sheds

Men in Sheds operates on a Monday for older socially isolated men to come and work together doing various carpentry activities.  They make furniture (indoor and outdoor) on a commissioned basis, repair items around the Farm and make specific orders for things that the Farm needs as well as making and repairing items for themselves.

"It gives me an interest outside the home, which  means I have to get out. I get depression so it's hard to get out.  I’m working in Men in Sheds, and I’d like to do more horticulture. At present the Farm helps me emotionally.  I accept that physically I am limited but can help in various other ways."

Peter, aged 78

The Marigold Club
(Women in Sheds)

On Thursdays the Marigold Club meets to do carpentry, making and repairing wooden items.  They are supported and taught by some of the men volunteers who have carpentry skills.  Some of the women have made lovely items for their own homes.

"I’m learning to do new things, which we all enjoy – I come to the Marigold Club (Women in Sheds).  Since coming to the club I’ve made a  garden bench at home, all on my own.  It’s given me confidence to do that.  My friend brought me 6 pallets.  I broke them up and built the bench all on my own – cut the wood with a hand saw and nailed it all together and sanded the wood.  It gave me a real sense of achievement, I felt proud of it, I’d done it without anyone’s help.  And it holds both me and my husband and he was proud of me too, and said well done I couldn’t have done that."

Ann Moles