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Support for older people

Our oldest volunteer is aged 82, and we have a number of volunteers in their 60s, 70s and 80s who are involved in both horticultural and woodworking activities. 

Two volunteers aged 78 and 80 are now working on our new Flowers project as they bring knowledge and experience of growing flowers.

One of the things older volunteers enjoy most about coming to the Farm is mixing socially with young people.

One volunteer in her 60s said "Last week one of the school children asked me my name and then we had a nice chat.  That would never happen to me outside Rhubarb Farm."

Volunteer Lorna, aged 80, took part in the performances by 7 Rhubarb Farm volunteers of the Red Barrow Aerobatic Dismay Team at the 2018 Langwith Show - a great inspiration to us all.

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Support for the socially isolated

Many Rhubarb Farm volunteers suffer from being socially isolated and Rhubarb Farm provides them with friendship, social life and community.  They often refer to the "Rhubarb Farm family".

On Mondays Rhubarb Farm runs a Community Cafe for older and socially isolated people, some of whom we can collect in the minibus because they have no other means of getting to the Farm. 

Due to demand we anticipate running the Community Cafe on a second day each week.

Requests for referrals to the Community Cafe should be addressed to Anita Ollerenshaw, Manager, 01623-741-210 or 01623 741210.

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